Hi, I’m Kylie. I’m a Senior Digital Designer at FINE in Portland, Oregon.

I thrive in complex digital systems and aim to bring visual harmony and clarity to the projects I touch.

Recent Work:


Cultivating engagement for Adobe

An interactive site centered around user-generated content, promoting Adobe MAX’s purpose of creating community through creativity.

See the case study ︎︎︎


Corporate social responsibility at Disney

An inspiring, informative, and easy-to-navigate website to house all of Disney’s sustainability content.

See the case study ︎︎︎


A fluid design system template for Figma

An innovative internal pattern library using digital process best practices and the Figma Tokens plugin to represent fluid, modular type and spacers.

See the case study ︎︎︎


I’m a cold beverage enthusiast, night owl, and general nerd. I’m passionate about innovative, understated web design and have strong opinions around digital process and the designer-dev relationship. I like coding (very simple) Figma plugins in my spare time.

Just can’t get enough of me talking about myself? Send me an email with any burning questions.