emerging/developed  /  2016
Design, Photography
Created as a part of A+D Projects at Portland State University.

emerging/developed is the collected works of PSU’s Bachelor of Fine Arts graduating class of 2016. I wanted to design something that evoked the experience of walking through a museum, with large, gorgeous images of the artwork and understated, label-like captions. The 72-page perfect-bound book includes the work of fourteen students and 100 copies were printed.

Every piece of physical artwork was photographed in the BFA studio and retouched for the catalog.

I used a neutral light-grey background or cropped to the edges of each piece to let the artwork drive the look and feel of each spread.
Entrements by Jordan Behr

To accomodate the many different image ratios and copy lengths of the students’ work, I designed modular spread options and let the artists choose which suited their work best.